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 Comments on the group cohesion in combat 

Hedges, 2002 - War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning :

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Executive Summary of the Next 3 Chapters

Models: One Two Three

One - Cheaters always win.

We begin a historical review beginning in the 70’s. The background hypothesis was that individuals will regulate their reproduction for the good of the group. This hypothesis fails because a genotype that would express itself to ignore the good of the group and produce more offspring would have a breeding advantage over more restrained individuals and would eventually drive them to extinction. The math is quiet clear.

Chapter 5: War is the Answer

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Fagan, 2008 - Great Battles of the Ancient World

What really mattered was who would buckle first. Once the breaking point was reached either through fatique or too many missle casualties or perhaps a concerted well timed charge with swords then the real slaughter began as fleeing troops were mercilessly chased down especially by the calvary... the losers of Roman battles often sustained losses serveral orders of magnitude greater than the winners...
 Lecture 17

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Chapter 2: Nerd Core

[A top level view of the subject matter to be covered in the next 3 chapters]

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