Funding Science

Wilson, E.O., 1998

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Scientists have been charged with conquering cancer, genetic disease, and viral infection, all of which are cellular disorders, and they are massively funded to accomplish these tasks. They know roughly the way to reach the goals demanded by the public, and they will not fail. Science, like art, as as always through history, follows patronage.

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Ray, 2009

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at the 58:09 minute mark

Barbalet: I was looking through your list of funders on your website and as part of your cirriculum vitae and there's an amazing list of potential funders for future artifical life research from there. For someone who would be looking folks like Brig Klyce and the Greatful Dead as well as Sun Microsystems and Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM...I mean, in terms of your funders and how you've talked about artificial life in ways that would appeal to them, can you give an overview of how to create artificial life which is immediately fundable?

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