Charles Darwin drawing of a tribe
drawing by Charles Darwin


This book is based on a basic underlying hypothesis: that human beings are tribal:  deeply tribal, fundamentally tribal, genetically tribal.

 We have, in fact, been tribal since well before we were human.

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Chapter 7: It's Just Not Fair

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Three cases and four conclusions.

The cases --

Case 1:

In the course of doing research for this book, I found references to a series of studies that I found absolutely fascinating. It seems that humans are not all that good at logic. Given some simple logic tests even college undergraduates (the lab rat of many academic studies) get only a third of the questions right. 

Executive Summary of the Next 3 Chapters

Models: One Two Three

One - Cheaters always win.

We begin a historical review beginning in the 70’s. The background hypothesis was that individuals will regulate their reproduction for the good of the group. This hypothesis fails because a genotype that would express itself to ignore the good of the group and produce more offspring would have a breeding advantage over more restrained individuals and would eventually drive them to extinction. The math is quiet clear.

Paradigm Shift: Brain Plasticity

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By happenstance, I found an excellent example of scientific paradigm shift in two books unrelated to our subject (or each other for that matter).

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